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We are really pleased to announce our presence at Glassbuild America, in Las Vegas October 19-21. Our team will be on site to present the latest innovations about our software solutions for the »
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About us

Since 2003, we have been developing ERP software and a quotation tool for the window, door, railing, garage door, shutters and blind, fenestration, glass, glazing, industries. We do have the most cutting edge and integrated software suite for the entire manufacturer and distributor channel. (PVC, aluminum and wood)

Our mission

360 Innovations strives to provide powerful and effective ERP solutions that simplify coordination between sales, production, shipping and accounting. This greatly improves customer service by having the entire sales cycle run more smoothly.

Why choose 360 Innovations

With over a thousand users in North America since its creation, 360 Innovations is the North American leader in software and web solutions specifically produced for custom industries such as Window & Door companies. The capabilities of our software are limited only by your imagination of what you ask it to do for you.


MAC Group (France) was looking for a configurator that would allow us to set up all the product lines we manufacture and sell. This configurator will, in addition to its robustness, allow us to be reactive to the release of new products and have ergonomics that do not require a product specialist for data entry. Finally, the people performing the configuration scenarios should be able to modify the rendering of the interface without resorting to external “experts”. In summary: Reactivity, Ergonomics, Usability and Autonomy.
We have found all these characteristics within 360 Innovations’ tool.

Thierry LALIZEL, DSI Groupe MAC